August 3, 2017 
Greetings from Talisman and Cauldron's new home in Derby!
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Before I begin, I want to remind everyone that parking is available in the City Hall parking lot (which is diagonally across from Talisman) after their business hours during the week and on the weekends. The hours vary, but you'll know because the lot will be empty!
The Leo new moon that just passed (July 23) brought with it a great deal of mismanaged and misdirected anger (road rage for example) MORE political upheaval, MORE ugly or just plain weird revelations, relationships crashing and burning, frustration and anxiety off the chart. This new moon's influence is lasting up to the August 21 solar eclipse. The astrology of this new moon is simple: The Mars influence meant this new moon was about action, aggression, sex and war. The new moon and Mars square Uranus makes this hot and potentially destructive energy more erratic, unpredictable, dangerous and explosive.
To understand the full astrology behind the emotions for the month of August, please cursor down and read Alethea's Astrology Corner at the end of the newsletter.
And this is the truth! We are all feeling it, even if it is not hitting us directly it is in the news, social media - heck, the energy is unavoidable. It is not a hopeless or depressing energy, but it is amped up and while some might say "the best defense is a good offense" (or hit them before they can hit you) this translates to the need to step BACK from arguments because no one wants to back down. You don't want to be on the losing end of that deal. I had someone I know return a confrontational outburst with the same - and three of the guy's friends jumped on from behind - and sent him to the hospital with a broken nose and several broken teeth. He didn't start it, he wasn't in the wrong, he didn't run away ... but it didn't end well. For him.
Every month that the newsletter is on a "non uplifting" theme, that reads as just plain ol' negative to some people. And so I'll hear, "Why so negative? Why not just focus on the love and the light?" and you know, that's cool and all. Except very few people come to me for a reading saying, "Hey, Laura! Life has been soooooo great lately! Can you throw some cards and let's see if it is going to stay this way, huh?" And I also have yet to figure out a way to spin a reading that deals with cancer, job loss, bankruptcy, drug or alcohol addiction, domestic abuse, loss of home, loss of parent, loss of pet ... and turn that into something positive. YOU want to tell someone dealing with their kid's heroin habit that it's hard but there is a real lesson here for them, and everything always works out for the best ... you can be my guest. Just don't do it in my shop, because we don't talk that way. We also won't tell you that you are cursed or hexed, or try to sell you a "healing" or exorcism. Ain't gonna happen at Talisman.
When I opened my shop over ten years ago in Monroe, people were looking for a different reading experience back then. "Don't tell me anything bad!" so many would beg, and so I hired readers who were able to "spin" things to the positive. I HAD to hire them, because I just can't read that way. But my how times have changed! After the market crash of 2008/09 people came in wanting to hear the TRUTH, no matter how rough. "Just give it to me straight and don't sugarcoat it! Hold back NOTHING!"
You know, there comes a point in our lives where we mature into understanding that life isn't black and white. Take for example the difference between a "good" marriage - and a strong one. We have all known our share of "good" marriages and "strong" marriages and the two can certainly have nothing to do with each other. I was newly married to my first husband, and very young and idealistic, when the movie "The Bridges of Madison County" came out and I remember thinking it was just an awful thing (I hadn't read the book) but the idea of celebrating marital infidelity was just WRONG. She cheated on her husband! Fast forward a decade and I cried watching the movie, understanding the pain of being paired with someone you have nothing in common with and in a place with no creative outlet. Along that same train of thought, when the movie "War of the Roses" came out my (then) brother-in-law, enmeshed in his own divorce, told me I'd never "get" the movie because only someone going through a divorce could really understand that level of black comedy attached to the angry end of a marriage - but there did come a time years later while watching the movie I laughed my ass off when, after the husband has re-told a story about their baccarat glasses the "right" way at a dinner party (and embarrassed his wife thoroughly) later in bed she answers his "good night" by calling him fuckface.
So here is the trailer for the movie:  
Make you laugh? Cringe? Time and experience have a way of altering one's perspective, you see ... but one thing we can all agree on: Barbara and Oliver should have just walked away, as it didn't end well. For both of them.

Namaste, my friends -
"The Divinity within me perceives and adores
the Divinity within you"
* Laura *

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