March 1, 2018 
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Often on Saturday evenings, after-hours conversations take place at the shop between the readers, myself, China and whoever else might be there. Recently we found ourselves sharing mutual frustration at being asked "What do you get off him/her?" or "Who do you see around me?" in the course of what we think is a normal conversation in a public setting - and often, one we are having after just having met a person. MY personal favorite is when someone meets me then thrusts their hand in my face saying "What do you see in my palm!?" with an excitement that makes me wonder if maybe the cure for cancer or a winning lottery number is written there someplace. Pina shared with me the time she was attending a college graduation party and got bombarded by people wanting to know what she saw (after a family member "outed" her as a psychic) even though she was not there in a working capacity. Seeing this, a friend of hers jumped up and yelled "I am a hairdresser and NO I am not going to cut your hair today, I am celebrating someone else's accomplishment - so leave her alone!" And while I have gotten very used to people's reactions, it DOES make me laugh inside because I hardly EVER meet someone and upon learning they are (say) an electrician promptly ask "Oh, come look at how this chandelier is hung!" or "Can you quickly replace this light switch for me?"

You know ... because that would be a bit rude.

And the truth is - readers, psychics, intuitives, mediums ... we do not walk around being "on" 24/7. It would be exhausting. Also we are not reading anyone we first meet (unless red flags are being thrown by our Guides and trust me we keep THAT to ourselves) in our daily life, out at the grocery store or picking up our kids from school.

Where things get hurtful (for us) is when we have formed close relationships, our family members, special deep friendships - and no, we don't "read" these people we have grown to trust, actually that is a deep breach of etiquette like going through someone's wallet or phone. So YES we then allow ourselves to be vulnerable and yes, we do get hurt. Because I think more than most, we see the possibility of human redemption, the fact that people can change (for good or for ill) and situations can turn on a dime.

Here's an example: Most everyone is familiar with the story of Jesus and Peter, and Jesus telling Peter that he would betray him three times before morning. And Peter argued, saying "No! I would never do that I would rather die ... " I mean, don't you think Jesus was really hoping all along that Peter might have found the inner strength to NOT pretend he didn't know him, to speak his truth? Even though he was well aware of the outcome, don't you think His heart was broken when Peter's all-too-human weakness was revealed?

Now I am not comparing myself (or anyone else) to Jesus - but it is part of our Higher Self, the best part of our human nature, to want to see the good in people. So if you have ever found yourself wondering how someone can be very intuitive, very spiritual, and yet have married and divorced ... well, that is the answer.

Changing topics entirely, I want to tell the story of the time - early October 2007 - a small group from Talisman in Monroe went to the White Hills Baptist Church Cemetery (in Shelton). We wanted to scout out the location, as it is a "vacant" church and can be rented out by the day for events - so we were thinking it would be great for a larger venue with room for more attendees. I stayed behind as it was a Saturday and the shop was open and busy, and a little while later one of the young pizza delivery boys from next door stopped in and asked where everyone had gone? When I told him, he said there were all kinds of legends about the cemetery, one involving a little girl who is buried there who had been heard to say "Hello" and ask visitors to come back and see her again - also a dark shadow "entity" who patrols the cemetery at night. I asked where he'd heard that, and he said it was part of the history of Shelton but you really had to search for it, not readily available (these were the years prior to Google being the powerful search engine it is today!). So it is very doubtful anyone would have found anything online on the way over. And yes, one of the group DID say they had the strangest experience standing at the grave of a young girl - and hearing a voice greeting them and asking them to visit again.

It was probably five years later, I would find myself passing that same church/cemetery on the way to bring Daisy for soccer practice. A couple of time I went in and looked around but could never locate the child's grave. One evening, on the way home from practice I asked Daisy if SHE could find the grave for me (Daisy being maybe 11 years old at the time, I didn't share all the details of the place I just really wanted to see that grave!). Sure enough it took her only a few minutes and she called to me that she'd found it. I was on the other side of the property and took my time walking over. I looked at the little gravestone and said "Daisy that's amazing I have been here twice and just could never find it!" she replied, "Oh mom I saw a little girl standing here a minute ago, she had blonde braids and was so pretty! I think she had a fever and died from it. And she said hello to me, and asked me to please come see her again ... ".

My great-grandfather Thomas McGlynn was a gravedigger in Avoca, PA and the family house was located right across from St. Mary's Cemetery. And the truth is, all my life I have found cemeteries to be restful and calm places. There are always guardians at cemetery gates, and you should be respectful upon entering and leave a gift (nine pennies is traditional). In Vodou, Maman Brigitte and Baron Samedi (husband and wife) are the guardians. Maman Brigitte (who is tied to Saint Bridget of the Celtic religions) is often invoked to help “raise the dead,” meaning that she is used to cure and save those who are at the point of death as a result of illness, injury, or curse. Both Maman and The Baron do not want to see anyone - especially children - brought to them before their time, and they can be petitioned to spare a life. Now I am telling you this in the interest of education, that's all - but if you decide to visit a cemetery or make a request I IMPLORE you to take the time to read and research exactly HOW this is done. DO NOT assume that any old thing you bring as a gift is acceptable, or that a formal request can be done any old way you choose. Please be respectful and DO NOT insult the Loa!

The dirt from a grave of someone you were close to and loved is very energetically powerful. For example, say your grandparents were happily married and you want a relationship or marriage like theirs. You can go to their graves and collect a bit of dirt from the area near where their chest (heart) would be - say, two feet from the front of the gravestone. I never go empty handed, you should plant a flower or leave a decoration behind. Speak to them as you collect a spoonful or two of dirt, why you are taking it and how much love and respect you have for the marriage they maintained. After you scribe and oil a pink or red candle for this purpose, roll the candle in the dirt before you light it (this is called "dressing" a candle). As you are doing this, talk out loud to your grandparents, ask them to send someone who will want to marry you and treat you well and want the same things you do. Remember to thank them for their help, and even better burn the candle in front of a picture of the two of them. You are not "worshipping" your grandparents, rather, you are venerating them.

"Man alone chimes the hour. And, because of this, man alone suffers a paralyzing fear that no other creature endures. A fear of time running out."

—Mitch Albom, The Time Keeper

Blessings, Laura


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