November 1, 2017 
Greetings from Talisman and Cauldron's new home in Derby!
New Shop Hours:
Tues-Thurs 11am-7pm
Fri-Sat 11am-8pm
Sunday 12-5pm
Monday Closed

Before I begin, I want to remind everyone that parking is available in the City Hall parking lot (which is diagonally across from Talisman) after their business hours during the week and on the weekends. The hours vary, but you'll know because the lot will be empty!
On December 20, 2017 Saturn (aka Father Time, also known as Karma) is going to leave Sagittarius and move into the 10th House of the astrological wheel, the world of Capricorn where it is exalted as its natural ruler. It will remain there until March 23, 2020. The 10th House is known as The Midheaven and here Saturn concerns himself with security and structure, tradition, organization, big business and defense.
What does that mean, exactly? It means we are going to see responsibility, conscientious behavior, commitment and hard work become fashionable again. The "Me first, because I am priviledged" and "Entitlement based on NOTHING resembling hard work" that we have been seeing … not so much. Accountability for both individuals and institutions will be freely dispersed. And that’s where Karma comes in - now, what has gone around will come around with everyone reaping what they have sown. Sweet!
So, let's talk about Saturn, Accountability and Karma.
This slow-moving transit has already begun to take effect and we are seeing and reading it all over the news (of course we also see the mass media taking its hits too) as those in high places are taking some dramatic dives. Currently, the Entertainment Industry is being held over the fire. Jupiter in Scorpio is amplifying things, and Scorp which rules the genitals is naturally going to turn matters to sex ... and well, well, well, look at the perversion we are being shown, eh? Along with pedophilia rings getting busted wide open it is taking down cops, lawyers, judges, and very wealthy and prominent figures. Saturn wants everyone to learn their lessons, see? And this is also showing up in my readings. People are realizing the difference between compassion and enabling. Being responsible and being a doormat. After years of sitting across my table from exhausted parents with no hope of retirement as they shouldered the burden of student loans for their adult “children” who had gone on to good jobs and homes of their own (and insisting to me that this was their responsibility as a good parent); or coming home to cook and clean for “kids” in their thirties who spend THEIR days playing video games … well, lately I’m watching a whole new game play out. Exhaustion is setting in, people are too tired to continue bearing their self-imposed crosses.
Of course I have zero tolerance. I remember once sitting with a young couple who had moved in with her parents and the reading clearly showed they were quite unhappy. They let me know the cards were right, too - why, they were expected to check in, help out, come in at a reasonable hour, not play loud music - basically forced to comply with the rules of the home (did I mention they had no jobs and did not pay rent?). Ah, I said, this is ridiculous! I would never stand for this! Why I would show THEM - I would move out immediately! How dare they tell you what to do! The couple looked nervously at each other then at me. “Well, um, it’s not that easy to find an apartment or a job …” they began. “I do know that” I answered “I worked THREE jobs to pay for my apartment and car at age 18 … boy, don’t I know it!”
Totally worth not collecting my big ol’ five dollars for THAT reading, I assure you. Very satisfying.
Another time, probably a year or two after I opened, I decided to do free quick readings all day in honor of Dia De Los Muertos (Day of the Dead). And at one point two lovely young women, patrons of the shop, came in both holding onto the arms of a truly gorgeous young man between them. With big smiles they told me they had brought their friend in, that he HAD to see me. He didn't look impressed and that attitude followed him into the reading room. I quickly shuffled and threw cards. "Wow" I said, sadly "Looks like you're in some legal trouble here. What did you do?" He kicked his legs out, folded his arms across his chest and looked at me arrogantly and said, "YOU'RE the psychic - you tell ME".
I smiled sweetly (am I not always nice?) and said "Sure, I'll tell you. Well what is unfortunate is that what you did you did out of boredom, for kicks - you hardly needed the money. So you and your friends - you, hmmm, stole a car? But when the cops caught up to you, your friends ran like rats off a ship. And it was more than a car they found, eh? Left you holding the bag for all of it. And these cards here - the King and Queen? They represent your parents, who love and have supported you wonderfully all your life. So lucky, you have truly wanted for nothing. Your father, he is beside himself not knowing what to do or how this happened. For whatever reason, he is blaming himself. But your mom? You have literally broken her heart. How do you feel about that? And now tell me - when DO you stand in front of a judge because it is very soon?" "Monday" he answered, then leaned in toward me (all arrogance gone) ... "how is that going to go?" "That is a very interesting question, I have to tell you that. Because here is the problem. You have managed, in one stupid night, to hand over your right to exercise your own Free Will decisions into another person's judgement. Do you understand? You no longer get to choose for yourself. And the thing is, I am not reading the Judge. If I was you, I would be praying, very hard, that you get a woman judge and she finds you adorable. Takes pity on your stupid ass and gives you a second chance."
He walked out and I resumed doing many, many readings that day. When I came out for a break, I saw a fifty dollar bill sitting on top of the cash box. I look at China questioningly, and she said "It's from the mother of that kid you read earlier - he left here, white as a ghost. She literally ran in an hour later, said her son walked into the house crying and told her what you said. She gave us this money and said if it wasn't enough she'd bring more." I said, hey, the readings are free today why did we accept this? China said, "No, you take it. You probably saved his life today and his mother gave it to you with gratitude".
Please don't ask me what happened to him, as I never follow up with people and in fact usually forget the content of every reading within a day or two. And when people say (as many have, you can read reviews of me and the shop on a few forums) "Laura doesn't sugarcoat" they are not kidding. Know that whatever I am able to do, it is not derived from "Powers" as I have none - rather, I am EMpowered by those I work with, my guides and my Goddess. I pray earnestly every day before opening the shop that if any words would come from my mouth and cause harm, to please close it and not allow that to happen. The last thing I want to do is to hurt someone, but I cannot take responsibility if your feelings get hurt hearing something you didn't want to hear. And when it IS negative I almost always say that I will pray to be wrong about something bad I see happening.  And I do - I end each day at the shop sincerely praying for just that, to be wrong. These same guides let me know what I can charge people, hence the $5 readings during the business day and the $5 cut I take from my readers on Saturday (which is the reason our prices stay low, I do not take the normal 40-50% cut most shops take of the money earned). Rest assured, I have been criticized for this, by those in "the spiritual business" and outside the Talisman family. Yet here I am, in my 11th year of business paying my bills, raising my kids and doing what I love to do. My private readings book quickly, at the same $30 for a half hour all our readers charge.  I am kept very busy before and after hours. These days, I live a very quiet and blessed life.
The line of political correctness (PC talk) crossed over into New Ageism and that is one of the reasons I said goodbye to that world and moved camp into a much more familiar and comfortable area for us here at Talisman - Mysticism. There is a hypocrisy inherent in some of this and I will not take part in it. I am what I am, and I practice my spirituality as a Witch. If someone comes into the shop and asks hesitantly about readings, I will ask if there is a problem. If they tell me they do not believe or had never believed these were "right" to do, especially if they are coming from very Christian background ... I do not try to talk them into a reading and I simply will NOT read them. If they talk about angels and angel readings, I refer them to my dear friend and our resident Angel Oracle, Pina (who is teaching a candle class later this month, please read more about it below in the listing of classes).  My latest blog focuses on Pina and her work at the shop, read it here at Metaphysical Musings Blog
As far as accountability and work goes, the simple truth is that not everyone is meant or made for college. But almost everyone needs to find their place in the world and be productive. For someone who does not plan to go to school (college or trade school), join the military and/or can’t find a job there IS another option. WWOOF (The Worldwide Organization of Organic Farmers) it is a wonderful opportunity to learn farming at any one of thousands of participating farms. For a person with no farm experience, I would suggest volunteering at a local farm before venturing out of state. When you join WWOOF I recommend purchasing both the hard copy directory of participating farms AND the online access ($50). WWOOF is self-policing in that both the farmers and the workers comment and “rate” one another in WWOOF’s on-line venue and by checking these comments you can gather whether the experience will meet expectations. My own son was a WWOOF’er at farms in California and Hawaii. You basically work 20 hours a week as a volunteer for your room and board. However, many farms pay for work over and above the 20 hours or you have access to other farms that will pay an hourly wage (those that do will list this in the directory or their own website). For my son and many other young people I have personally spoken with, WWOOF was a very positive experience. There is also “WWOOF International” and again, I know young people who have traveled all over the world via WWOOF farming opportunities. NO able bodied or able minded person should spend the bulk of their time watching TV or playing video games. And for all you young people talking about wanting to go off the grid, travel, and live outside the social norm ... here you go. You're Welcome! 

It is always sad for me to sit with anyone who is trapped in an abusive marriage. There are many reasons someone stays in a bad situation (these often involve protecting young children from an addicted spouse by sacrificing ones' self as a virtual punching bag. Until our court system stops disregarding spousal abuse and pretending it exists separate from child abuse, mothers and fathers will continue to fear for their children when left alone with a toxic co-parent). Many people have to wait until children get old enough to speak up for themselves, or are school age, before breaking away. However, a lack of money should not stop anyone, as you do not need to hire a lawyer to get a divorce. I am proud to say I have helped three women in very different but financially difficult situations get free from an abusive or bad marriage. Again, you do NOT need to hire a lawyer to get a divorce (Note: I did not hire one either). You go to your Superior Court and request the (free) "Do It Yourself Divorce Kit" and the clerk will help you begin the paperwork. If you have children under 18 you do have to take a mandatory child care class, and if you cannot afford it there is financial help available. All together, with the cost of serving papers and submitting all forms, along with the childcare class, it should cost about $500-$600 dollars. Family Court will see you prior to the final date when you go before the judge, and set up child support and visitation. The State has VERY clear guidelines in this regard. Moreover, because Connecticut has one of the highest backlog of deadbeat parents who do not pay their child support, they have chosen to address this by almost universally dividing the children 50% between the parents, with no one paying child support. Because alimony is taxed, it is not the issue child support is and again guidelines are in place. I have sat with too many women (and some men) who work full time to support a household with no property or assets to divide - who cannot pull the $3,000 together to pay a divorce lawyer. Not necessary - and trust me, you can do this.
I have said it over and over again - I love magick. I simply love it. And my Nature-based religion has me connected to the Earth and Seasons and all those who have come before and will come after me in a glorious never ending cycle. My greatest joy comes from helping others find their way to self-empowerment (which may or may not involve "magick") but almost always involves thinking outside the box labeled "Societal Norms". What IS normal? I heard these words most of my life - you are not normal, it is not normal to think like you do. A lot of you heard these words too. To which I always (since childhood) shrugged my shoulders and said "Oh well, guess I am not normal then." I never saw anything in any of my antagonists' lives that I wanted for myself. There is no house big enough, no car fancy enough, to soothe my fear of captivity - of being trapped in an unauthentic life.
As the saying goes, "If you are not happy - it simply isn't worth it" 
Blessings, Laura 

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