Candle Magick​​
Monday, March 12 from 7-9pm.
Limited space, you must RSVP (203) 308-2457

The art of Enchanting Candles to Manifest your Intentions. $35 (includes
cost of oils, glitter, and pull out candle). In this class you will learn how to prepare and charge a pull out candle. We will clear and purify then carve, feed, oil and enchant a candle using your energy and some simple household ingredients. All the while concentrating on your intention. Once completed, the candle is ready to be taken home and lit. As it burns you will see images form on the glass (interpretation will be discussed, and is usually apparent to the intended request).
Limit 10 attendees.

Pina is an Angel Oracle and Medium who has been working with candle magick for over 40 years. She mainly derives from the Stregha (Italian), Santeria, Wiccan and Hindu faith paths. Her own candles and handmade incense are supplied to private clients worldwide (she will share pictures of some of her work).