December 1, 2018 
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Well, this holiday season is not exactly starting out great for a lot of people, you know?
As Alethea discusses in her astrological overview at the end of this newsletter, we are in Mercury Retrograde and I don’t think I have ever experienced one like this.  Technology and mechanical breakdowns, communication failures and on December 1-5 Mercury dips into Scorpio briefly before going direct on the 6th (but remains in the Shadow until December 24th!) and you Scorps born after Nov. 17 will feel the end of this retrograde the most.  December 3rd may be a hard day for you – with Scorpio energy being stronger and more emotional with extreme passion and intensity (and you know how you guys are on a REGULAR day, right?).  Get a grip on that energy and channel it into something useful and productive – and preferably, alone as patience may not be your strong point that day.  Remember: It’s just a day.  This past Venus Retrograde (Oct 5-Nov 16) was equally wretched and we saw many long-term relationships (friendships, romances) implode.  Venus was retrograde in Scorpio through all of October and it exposed hidden behaviors and motives with heartbreaking results. 
And now, at last, here we are headed into December.  Purged.  Kind of like the way you feel after a 48-hour stomach bug.  Nothing left to bring up or lose. Kinda hollow, actually.
Sometimes we do not need spiritual care – we require psychological attention.  I want to ask everyone to please guard their mental health through this holiday season.  Talisman and Cauldron is almost 12 years old, and I have been dealing with the metaphysical realm all my life.  I also worked for the CT Dept. of Mental Health, as well as a human services agency in Stamford for close to 10 years.  And I am telling you, I have never seen a time when so many were so close to having psychotic breakdowns.  For many, it seems that the hits just keep coming.  PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) can ruin your life.  There is a group – Fairfield County Family Therapy – located in Trumbull CT that has a staff member trained in “Brainspotting” that can move an individual forward and out of trauma in many situations.  They also have someone trained in Gestalt Therapy.  And, wonder of wonders, they take State Insurance (HUSKY) and I assure you, that is a miracle in and of itself.  Their office is spa-like, serene and lovely.  (203) 416-6008.    If that is not a good fit for whatever reason, I can certainly make other recommendations – but please, do not let a difficult situation become a dangerous one.  Some of you know that the reason my private cell phone number is on the shop’s answering machine is that some years back a young woman, very dear to me and everyone at the shop, committed suicide.  She certainly had my phone number but in her darkest hour, chose not to reach out.  I was mentioned in the note she left behind and was asked by her mother to speak at her funeral.  It is rare for a day to pass that I do not think of Michelle.  I never want to experience that loss again – so please, if nothing else … reach out.  You won’t be the first person I talked off a ledge, and there is always another way to look at things.  There is light at the end of the tunnel, but when you are in the middle of the tunnel there is no way to see it.  But still, it is there.  In all these years, I have gotten two such middle-of-the-night desperate calls.  I am happy to have been there – and so glad that in the end, they chose to stay.  I am happy to report that in both cases, their lives did turn around and got much better.
Now, for all of you who are having a wonderful time, life is good for you – understand there is no mandate that says during any certain astrological or energetic time you cannot be happy and prosper!  The nature of what I do means I see people in some degree of distress at least 80% of the time.  It is rare that someone comes in for a reading, sits down, and says “Gee Laura, my life is just so perfect right now – throw some cards, let’s see if it is going to continue!” the same way that if I worked in a hospital emergency room, you wouldn’t hear me talking about all the healthy happy people I see in my average workday!  I would be dealing with trauma and sickness and death, right?  So please, take this with a grain of salt and don’t assume all is doom and gloom and negativity.  Because I assure you, it is not.  My own life is busy and full, and I can relax knowing my kids are happy and self-sufficient.  I am grateful and content.  Life is interesting – tiring, at times – but most assuredly, it is good. 
The best part of doing what we do is knowing that the products we sell and the services we offer are meant to uplift and help people move forward with purpose.  Whether it is blowing Full Moon Wishing Powder toward a gloriously bright moon, lighting a bayberry candle for prosperity on Christmas or New Year’s Eve, or receiving a message from a loved one or information that helps solidify a difficult decision during an intuitive counseling session … all of this affirms our connection as we commune with the Divine.  And whether you celebrate the birth of the Son or the return of the Sun, I wish you all the most glorious and beautiful Holiday Season and happiest of New Years.
God(dess) Bless Us All!


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