Spellcraft by Talisman - Product Line
Talisman’s “Spellcraft” line and some of our unique products are now available by mail order.
To place an order by phone, call us at (203) 261-0047.

Condition Oils:
We blend each oil with herbs, essential oils, and other items then charge to address a specific need. Condition oils can be used to anoint candles, stones, ritual items, charge a room (leave the jar open, place a few drops in a small dish, or place on clear quartz crystals), added to bath water, worn on the body or on a cotton ball placed in the bodice. 1oz. ($9.99) 2 dram ($4)

Abra Melin - Used in ritual magick to conjure and pacify spirits. Air – Anise top note with balsamic undertones.

Black Cat – Protection from hexes/breaks curses Blessing – Can be worn and all-purpose.

Command & Compel – Direct energies as you Will them. Make sure you are certain you know what that is!

Confusion – Used in court/legal battles. Dark Goddess - Lavender with a hint of dragon’s blood

Eve – anoint candles, soak cotton balls for enhanced metaphysical wisdom and receptivity

Divination/Psychic Awareness – Spice and citrus notes Earth - Warm, earthy with a hint of forest Fire - An emphasis on citrus, with woody and spicy undertones

Good Spirits Oil
– Signals need for spiritual protection; summons beneficial spirits in time of need Healing - Deep floral, with spice and vanilla notes

Hex Breaking- Notes of basil and frankincense

High Altar Multi-Purpose (Purification/Consecration) - Camphoraceous with resin and balsamic notes

High Altar Protection/Exorcism – Resinous with sandalwood notes

High John th
e Conqueror – Overcome all obstacles

Love Drawing - Jasmine and citrus with vanilla, rose undertones

Maximon - Protection to children & against the evil eye; road opener; banishing bad habits

Money Drawing/Prosperity - Masculine, earthy, with a hint of spice

Mother Goddess - Full-bodied with notes of rose, resins, and woods

Peaceful Home – Soak cotton balls, place strategically in room(s) to end familial quarrels. Dress blue candles for good results.

Protection – For general use, safe to wear on skin

Queen of Sheba - When you wish to seduce ... or be seduced!

Reversible – Turn situation around
Right Back At You - Blended for function, doesn’t smell horrible, but doesn’t smell fabulous either. It just gets the job done!

San Cipriano - Promotes psychic power; aids in legal matters and banishing/theft/revenge

St. Martha the Dominator - Used by women for a happy home, domination, and protection

Triple Goddess - Warm, balsamic, full-bodied, with sandalwood and benzoin notes

Uncrossing – To remove the burden of the cross you bear

White Sage Anointing Oil – To impart a clearing/cleansing energy

VanVan – One of the best all-purpose oils, strengthens the power of the user. Good for love, protection, and jinx removing.

Elemental Water – Clean, camphoraceous but not medicinal, with cardamom and vanilla

White Goddess
- Citrus and floral with resinous undertones

Dusting Powders (4 oz shaker bottles):

Drawing Powder - Attracts all good things to you ($7.99) 

Negativity Eraser Powder – Eliminates negative emotions, vibrations, and low-level spirit emanations. ($9.99)

Seduction - Sprinkle between bed sheets for an enthusiastic amorous response ($9.99)

Isis Powder-worn to increase psychic powers. ($9.99)

Four Thieves Product Line – Medieval recipe.

The primary purpose of Four Thieves Herbal preparations is to provide personal protection from disease and magical attack. History of Thieves Vinegar (aka Marseille Vinegar): A pleasant solution of (herbs), essential oils and camphor in vinegar. The Edinburgh Pharmacopoeia has given a formula for its preparation under the title of "Acetum Aromaticum." The repute of this preparation as a prophylactic in contagious fevers is said to have arisen from the confession of four thieves, who, during the plague of Marseille, plunder the dead bodies with perfect security, and, upon being arrested, stated, on condition of their lives being spared, that the use of aromatic vinegar had preserved them from the influence of contagion. It is, on this account, sometimes called "Le Vinigre des quatre voleurs." It was, however, used long before the plague of Marseille, for it was the constant custom of Cardinal Wolsey to carry in his hand an orange, deprived of its contents, and filled with a sponge which has been soaked in vinegar and impregnated with various spices, in order to preserve himself from infection, when passing through the crowds that his splendor or office attracted. The First Plague raged in 1649, whereas Wolsey died in 1531. The French Codex has a preparation of this kind, consisting of an acetic infusion of various aromatic herbs and camphor, which is termed "Acetum Aromaticum Alliatum, seu Antisepticum," vulgo, "des Quatre Voleurs." p.108. The German’s Dispensatories abound with Medicated Vinegars, chiefly aimed against Pestilential Diseases.

Four Thieves Incense: Burn a small amount on a charcoal in each room during cold and flu season. Can also be used for cleansing and banishing rituals. 8 ml. vial ($4)
Four Thieves Vinegar: Add 2 to 3 tablespoons of Concentrated Four Thieves Vinegar to 4 ounces of white vinegar and 4 ounces of water. Rinse hands with the solution to help kill bacteria. It can also be used to wipe down kitchen countertops and porcelain bathroom surfaces. Dilute to half strength in water and spray directly on the skin. This repellent can also be splashed on your socks or shoes to discourage ticks, chiggers, and mites. Add a spoonful to your bath water for personal protection. Sprinkle or dash it undiluted against an enemies door. Sprinkle on window sills, and across the thresh hold to create a barrier against negativity. Mix 2 tablespoons with 4 ounces of water to clean magickal tools and crystals. Note: Do not take internally. Do a patch test to check for allergy or skin sensitivity, Avoid eyes and mucous membranes, and don’t use if pregnant, or planning to become pregnant. Concentrated 4oz. bottle ($10)

Four Thieves Herbal Water
: Can be sprayed in the air, or directly on countertops or any surface not damaged by water or alcohol. It can also be used to wipe down hard surfaces in the kitchen and bathroom and sprayed on bedding prior to sleep. Can be sprayed directly on skin, and on clothes, socks, and shoes to discourage ticks, chiggers, and mites. Do not use on skin if you are sensitive to alcohol. Spray to cleanse an area of negativity and/or to create a protected area. It can also be sprayed on magickal tools and ritual accessories for an added layer of protection. 8 oz. Spray bottle ($10)

Four Thieves Oil: For protection against colds, flu, and other infectious disease, and to help alleviate their symptoms, apply a few drops of Four Thieves oil undiluted directly to the soles of the feet, the palms, and the back of the neck, as well as the sternum, chest, and throat. For metaphysical purposes, Four Thieves Oil can be worn for protection, used to anoint ritual tools and candles used in protective and banishing magick. Do not take internally. Do a patch test to check for allergy or skin sensitivity. Avoid eyes and mucous membranes, and don’t use if pregnant, or planning to become pregnant. 2 dram ($4) 1 oz. ($9.99)

Four Thieves Salt Bath: Used for cleansing and protection. Use during cold and flu season to help boost the immune system and guard against infections. It can also be used as a cleansing bath to banish negativity and provide protection from negativity of all types. Add 2 to 3 tablespoons to bath water, and soak as you would for a regular salt bath. Do not use Four Thieves Salt Bath if you are pregnant, or planning to become pregnant, and do not exceed the recommended 2 to 3 tablespoons per full bath. ($8)

Four Thieves Hand Soap: Use as a hand soap to sanitize and as a soap to cleanse magickal tools and ritual accessories. The soap contains herbs that could irritate mucous membranes, and sensitive skin, therefore, it’s NOT recommended for full body use. Do not use if pregnant, or planning to become pregnant. Always remember to rinse skin and tools thoroughly. Approx. 4oz. bar ($5)

Flower Remedies:

Laura makes these using the exact same methods as the Bach Flower Remedies, with flowers that are grown on her own property. The response has been wonderful, we are very pleased with the feedback on these. Note: Preserved in alcohol; 1oz. dropper bottles ($9.99).

Bleeding Heart
: For those with heartaches or mourning the loss of a loved one

: For those who find it difficult to let the sunshine into their lives. Helps one to let go of embittered feelings.

Cherry Plum: For those who feel they cannot cope and are emotionally down or suicidal. Brings relief, inner strength, and mental well-being.

Dandelion: Brings dynamic, effortless energy – balanced with inner ease Forget Me Not: For those searching for a soul-based relationship. Aids in gaining awareness of karmic connection.

Forsythia: For those seeking a more spiritual nature. Aids in bringing the joy and a sense of freedom from that realization.

Lilac: For those whose personal development has been stunted by dominant influences, usually in childhood or adolescence.

Lily of the Valley: For yearning. For those who have become blocked by desiring the unattainable.

Periwinkle/Vinca Minor: Calms and Balances. Promotes “nerves of steel” before performances, interviews, etc.

Quince: Balances aspects of masculine/feminine energies. Especially useful for parents, balancing nurturing/gentle with discipline/ objectivity.

Violet: For those with profound shyness. Aids in remaining true to oneself while sharing with others.

Loose incense to be burned on charcoal in a heat-safe burner. For descriptions, see “Condition Oils” list above. 8ml. vial - $4
Air * Dark Goddess * Divination/Psychic Awareness * Earth * Exorcism * Fire * Four Thieves * Healing * Hex Breaking * High Altar Multi-Purpose * High Altar Protection/Exorcism * Kick-Ass Exorcism Incense * Love Drawing * Money Drawing/Prosperity * Mother Goddess * Triple Goddess * Water * White Goddess

Magickal Inks: 1 oz. bottle ($8.00)

Dragon's Blood Ink: Good for protection, energy, and purification. Will add power to any spell, incantation, or other charm. Increases the potency of your spells. Has strong banishing powers against negative influences, and will drive away negativity.

Dove's Blood Ink: Good for love, romance, friendship, and peace. Add power to love spells. Thank your spiritual guides and helpers. Ignite romance and passion.

Bat's Blood Ink: Good for domination, command, curses, and hexes. Great for summoning
spirits. Good for binding spells. Also use for spells of mystery, darkness, and all things hidden.

Butterfly's Blood Ink: Good for change, inspiration, and expression. Helpful for calling on the element of air. Magikal aid for artists brings creativity. Aids in communication, for both the physical and spiritual realms. Once dry on your parchment, Butterfly's Blood Ink is nearly invisible. Which makes this ink excellent for spell working that relies on the subconscious, or sigils.

Raven's Blood Ink: For healing, transformation, and mystery. Good for healing spells. Excellent to use in spells bringing about transformation, or spells to ease one's mind when faced with a life transformation. Use this ink when you want to add an air of mystery to your spell workings.

Mojo Bag Kits
Each kit has specific stones, herbs and has been ‘conditioned’ to address a specific need. Written instructions are included. Bags can also be custom ordered, call for details.

Mojo Bag – Get your Mojo back! Overall well being in areas of finance, health & empowerment

Sleepy Stones - To cure insomnia and ensure sweet dreams ($9.99)

Addiction Ease - Carry to free one's self of unhealthy desires and help instill self-control & restore balance ($11.99)

Salt Baths

Each kit contains one cup dry measure of salt plus added ingredients. For descriptions, see “Condition Oils” above. ($8)
Dark Goddess * Divination & Psychic Awareness * Four Thieves * High Altar Multi-Purpose * High Altar Protection & Exorcism * Love Drawing * Money Drawing * Mother Goddess * Protection * Triple Goddess * White Goddess *

White Sage


Talisman’s soaps contain a Base of Coconut Oil, Palm Oil, Safflower Oil, Glycerin (kosher, of vegetable origin), Goat’s Milk, Shea Butter (refined naturally crushed), Purified Water, Sodium Hydroxide (saponifying agent), Sorbitol (moisturizer), Sorbitan oleate (emulsifier), Oat Protein (conditioner), Titanium Dioxide (mineral whitener used in opaque Soaps). Approx. weight 4oz. ($5)
Dark Goddess * Divination/Psychic Awareness * Dragon’s Blood * Four Thieves * High Altar Multi-Purpose * High Altar Protection & Exorcism * Love Drawing * Money Drawing * Mother Goddess * Triple Goddess * White Goddess * White Sage

Spell Kits
 Each spell kit has all items necessary and complete instructions. These were individually developed to address the specific needs of patrons, and were so successful we decided to package them for sale to the public.

Black Cat Candle Spell - Reverses bad luck, breaks all hexes/curses ($23.99)

Lucky Green Cat Candle Spell - Dedicated to Bastet, Egyptian goddess of joy, luck, love and all pleasures of life ($24.99)

Mirror Reversal Spell - Send negative energy back; forces gossips & backstabbers to confront and be responsible for their wrongdoing ($10.99)

Nine of Cups Wish Spell – Helps to manifest your deepest desires ($25.99)

Office S.O.S. Kit – To clear, calm and protect your office space and create a more productive drama free environment ($19.99)

Women's Financial Independence Spell - Enhances a woman's financial and emotional state ($25.99)

Uncross Me – Christian based; for when your cross is too heavy to bear ($23.99)

8 oz. bottles ($10)

Four Thieves – Cleanse, Clear, disinfect. Spray Bottle.

Mars Water – Sets the intention … no more “Mr. Nice Guy!”

White Sage – A best-seller at Talisman. Great to use in office, schools – anyplace where burning sage is an issue or concern. Spray bottle.

 Aphrodisiac Drops - For men & women; take 1/2 dropperful 2-3 times a day until normal desire returns. Alcohol base. 1 oz. ($9.99)

Aura Repair Tea – Hibiscus, Lemongrass, Mugwort, Peppermint, and Rosemary combine to help restores one’s energetic field. Packaged in a 24 oz. jar, tea ball included ($11.99) Warning - Do not use if pregnant!

Women’s Light Heart & Happiness Tea – Motherwort, Rosemary, and Red Clover combine to create a
drink which helps to restore a woman’s sexual desire and zest for life. Tea ball included ($11.99,
packaged in 24 oz sized jar)
Warning - Do not use if pregnant!

Black Hen Feathers - Shed by Laura's very own happy black hens! Nine (9) to a bag ($5). Perfect for making a witch’s ladder.

Black Salt - 3 0z. Protection; sets boundaries. ($4.99)

Bog Oak Wands - Imported from Ireland. This is MY wand of choice. After having one crafted, I was delighted when wholesale terms could be arranged so I could stock them at Talisman. Lovely, potent energy from these. Bog Oak is a rare timber which is excavated from deep underground, usually as a by-product of turf cutting, or when bogland is drained for agricultural use. The wood varies in age, usually ranging between 2,000 and 6,000 years old. The wood has been preserved due to the unique conditions of the turf bogs, which waterlog the wood and keep it free from oxygen and sunlight, which would cause it to decay. The chemistry of the Bog also reacts with the wood and transforms its color to a natural ebony. ($47.99)

Don't F**K With Me Powder – Sprinkle a small amount in the footprints, car, home, clothing, etc of anyone who has wronged you and won't stop/go away. You'll find they suddenly become extremely busy - overworked, moving or too self-absorbed with their own problems to have time to mess with you anymore! ($9.99)

Crossroads Dirt – Collected and paid for by Laura. Dirt from the “Y” crossroad sacred to Hecate. 1 oz. ($4.99)

Four Corners Dirt - Collected by Laura, dirt from the 4 corners of a crossroad used to open roads before you. Associated with Papa Legba. 1oz. ($4.99)

Full Moon Wish Powder – Make a Wish, blow powder out into the air. Look for fulfillment by next full moon. ($5)

Goofer Dust - Affects the speech, concentration, and thoughts of one's enemies. This has malevolent intent. ($9.99)

Graveyard Dirt - Collected in a ritually correct manner by Laura. 1oz. ($4.99)

JuJu Packets – Foil wrapped, for the wallet, pillow, bosom, etc. 1) Love; 2) Money; 3) Protection; and 4) Health ($3 ea).

La Madama's Dream Powder - Burn on charcoal and dream of lucky numbers and/or your one true love. 1oz. ($6)

Lotion – “Essentia Luman” aka Essence of Moon. Deliciously fragrant with ground mica for slight
shimmer, perfect for basking under the moon. By Two Little Stregas, exclusively for Talisman. 8 oz.

Red Brick Dust - Century old bricks ground to dust, sprinkle a line across doorways/windows for
protection. 2 oz. ($ 4.99)

White Sage Candle – Burns 30+ hours ($12)

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