Psychic Cleansing Service

Talisman is pleased to offer a cleansing service that can reliably cleanse negative energy from your personal or professional space.

Does your home or professional space require a metaphysical cleansing or a clearing? Well, this
is a new build or move in? We can help! Please see below for details.
At Talisman, we try to educate people to sage/cleanse their own home and even
provide a write-up of instructions to do so.
However, some prefer to have this done for them - and so we provide sage cleansing
and house clearing as a service.
Here are some common 'red flags' that may indicate a need for the metaphysical cleansing of a
home or professional space:

~ Inexplicable 'cold' spots
~ Rooms very uncomfortable, atmosphere 'heavy'
~ Sleeplessness, sense of being 'watched'
~ Frequent family disturbances, arguments, irritability
~ Home is on the market, but, for some reason, no one seems to 'like' it - and for no good reason
except "I don't feel like I could live here . . . "
~ The obvious - knocks, doorbell or phone rings, lights/TV off and on for no reason . . .

We will be happy to spend time reviewing all your concerns and answering any questions you
may have. Call Talisman (203) 261-0047 for details.
Apts/Condos/Office up to 1200 sf $ 50.00
Homes/Offices up to 2500 sf $ 75.00
Homes/Offices 2500 + sf $ 100.00
Exterior (Perimeter) salt/seal boundaries $ 25.00

Package includes the following:
• We will sage the entire home, cleansing and refreshing the atmosphere
• We will use drumming to 'break up' any dense pockets of negative energy
• If needed, we will use exorcism incense to drive out any persistent entities
• We will salt and seal the front and back doors
• A gift bag, which will include (1) a 'dressed' 7-day candle for specific need (2) a feng shui
coin (3) incense holder (4) 5 sticks sage/lavender incense and (6) small bag of charged
sea salt.