The Talisman and Cauldron Tarot Deck
When two Witches with a collective experience of 50+ years of reading tarot, practicing magick and walking their spiritual paths collaborate, the results are sure to be … unique. The Talisman and Cauldron Tarot combines China’s fractal artwork with images created within the context of friendship and years of working together professionally in a small mystical shop in Connecticut. The cast of characters found within the deck of cards pull heavily from our patrons, family, and the coming-of-age backstories of two women who grew up on opposite ends of the United States (California and Connecticut).
Never losing sight of the archetypal classic tarot, The Talisman and Cauldron Tarot plays very tongue-in-cheek (Santa Muerta as Death, waiting patiently next to an open grave with a pitcher of margaritas) and gives more than a nod to contemporary daily life (The self-absorbed Fool, taking a selfie and ignoring dangers ahead). More of this type of charming, witty detail is found throughout both the major and minor arcana, providing sharp eyes with even more fodder for an in-depth reading.
China Mayhew (aka “Queen of Swords” and “Eight of Pentacles”) is a self-trained artist who used digital format, photo manipulation, fractal and 3D art in creating the artwork of The Talisman and Cauldron Tarot. She prefers fantasy and the exploration of archetypes, deity and mythical themes. China discovered computer-based art after an injury resulted in lost functioning of her dominant hand. China is a practicing Welsh Celtic Reconstructionist and Witch.
Laura Lenhard (aka “The High Priestess”) was raised in Southern California and brought with her to Connecticut a lifelong fascination with the metaphysical world, along with a deep-rooted belief in the concept of Universal Spirituality. She has been reading tarot since the age of sixteen. A respect for all spiritual paths and love for the natural world combined with a vision for a unique shop filled with all things mystical, magical and natural. This dream was realized when Talisman and Cauldron opened in April of 2007. Laura is a practicing Hedgewitch.
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The official release date for the Talisman and Cauldron Tarot is May 19, 2019.
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